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Companion Dog Patrol

Members of the Companion Dog Patrol (CDP), one of five patrol groups in the Volunteer Trail Safety Patrol of the East Bay Regional Park District, walk and hike District trails with their patrol-certified dogs. Though CDP members have the same responsibilities as do the members of the other patrol groups, their special interest is to meet other District visitors who walk with dogs, to provide them with education and safety advice, and to encourage them to follow District rules about dogs in our parklands. In their patrol activities, CDP members help to:

The East Bay Regional Park District makes about 1,100 miles of trails available to the public. More than half of these trails are multi-use trails, and it is common to see walkers, runners, hikers, wheelchair users, skaters, equestrians, and bicyclists using the same trail. There are also many narrow trails of varying levels of difficulty. In short, there are trails just right for almost anyone. CDP members help all trail users share the trails responsibly, and they focus especially on helping dogs, their owners, and other trail users to enjoy each other on the trails.

Like all Volunteer Trail Safety Patrol members, we carry District volunteer photo ID cards.

July 2012

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