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About Your Trails and Parklands

The East Bay Regional Park District's Volunteer Trail Safety Patrol welcomes you to your regional trails and parklands. We volunteer our time on the trails to preserve your safety and to enhance your enjoyment ... and those of every other visitor. We are likewise dedicated to preserving the safety and well-being of parkland resources: the plants and animals that make their homes on these lands and our lands' historical, geological, and archaeological features.

Your parklands and trails in the East Bay Regional Park District include over 65 parks, preserves, recreation areas, historic sites, education centers, lakes, and shorelines; over 1,100 miles of trails within those parklands; and hundreds of miles of paved and unpaved regional trails. Find a trail or parkland on the District's Web site and visit it. You may find a Volunteer Trail Safety Patrol member on patrol there during your visit.

Please take a moment to review our safety and courtesy tips for trail users and other park visitors. A little additional knowledge and care in advance can keep you from becoming a victim of an accident or crime and make your parklands experience a more enjoyable one for you and everyone you encounter.

Everyone visiting the regional trails and parklands is expected to know and respect the East Bay Regional Park District's Ordinance 38 -- it is our "law of the land". Violators are subject to citation or arrest. You can refer to the full text of Ordinance 38 on the District's Web site if you wish, or you can read a summary. For further information, please ask a park ranger, a Volunteer Trail Safety Patrol member, or a District police officer, or telephone 510.881.1833.

Thousands of people enjoy sharing East Bay Regional Park District trails with others every day in a safe and responsible manner. Occasionally, however, trail use conflicts or rule violations occur, or you may see some sort of suspicious activity. Please report such incidents.

Trails Challenge 2022

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Trails Challenge 2022 invites you to hike, ride, run, or skate trails that you choose from the Trails Challenge Guidebook. Trails Challenge is designed for all ages and all types and levels of trail users. It is a great opportunity to improve your health, body, and mind while getting in touch with nature. Participants may pick up a t-shirt, and those who "meet the Challenge" receive the Trails Challenge commemorative pin. For information, see the Regional Parks Web site.

January 2022

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