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Report Incidents

Thank you for information you supply to make the parklands safer for everyone. This page will help you submit your information conveniently and directly to the Regional Parks Police.

  • You are reporting an EMERGENCY or a crime or suspicious activity that is in progress
  • You have personal information about a crime that the Regional Parks Police might find useful in its investigation and you are reporting that information as a confidential "tip" using the Regional Parks Police tip line
  • You earlier observed someone violating District rules or committing a crime, acting unsafely or suspiciously, or creating an incident with other parkland visitors, and you are now reporting that violation or incident in a Park Watch Report for possible followup or to encourage increased patrolling in the future. (You can also report such violations or incidents with a Park Watch Report brochure, available in many District brochure boxes, either by mail or by fax.)

There are other ways to contact the Regional Parks Police.

April 2018

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