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Trail Safety and Trail Courtesy

Our Tips

The Volunteer Trail Safety Patrol of the East Bay Regional Park District offers you some tips for safe, courteous, and responsible use of District parklands and regional trails.

Think of our courtesy tips as "trail etiquette". Most of them apply to trail use everywhere. Trail courtesy includes the understanding that other individuals on the trail may be there for different reasons than you are. One trail user may want to feel the wind in her face or to increase her skills by negotiating a challenging bit of trail, another to watch the birds or to hear the silence, another to gather and talk with his friends, and another to enjoy the outdoors on a trail run with her dog.

Each trail user's desired experience is honorable as long as it respects the rules and respects other visitors. But even more, each trail user gains something as he or she adds understanding and appreciation of another trail user's circumstances and desired experience.

We serve as volunteers in the Volunteer Trail Safety Patrol because we have found that we enjoy making other trail users' visits more pleasant. You can share our enjoyment by learning a few "courtesies" to benefit other trail users that you can put into practice while using the trails yourself.

Please help us preserve and enhance cooperation among individuals and user groups on the East Bay Regional Park District's many trails. Please help us preserve and protect our parklands and the animals and plants that live there.

Many of our safety and courtesy tips are based on East Bay Regional Park District Ordinance 38. [ more information ]

Trail use conflicts and rule violations

Thousands of people enjoy sharing East Bay Regional Park District trails with others every day in a safe and responsible manner. Occasionally, however, trail use conflicts or rule violations occur, or you may see some sort of suspicious activity. Please report such incidents. It's especially important for the District to know what happened and where and when the incident occurred.

November 2005

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