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Trail Safety and Courtesy for Bicyclists and Users of Other Wheeled Devices

These tips for bicyclists and users of other wheeled devices include general suggestions as well as recommendations for safe and courteous encounters with other trail users. If you will have a dog with you, please also see the tips for trail users with dogs.

Your Personal Safety

Many people use East Bay Regional Park District trails safely every day, but accidental injuries do happen, and a person who might decide to harm you could be anywhere. We suggest that you minimize your "risk factors" on District trails as you would in any public area. You can reduce risk by following each of these tips:

Enjoying the Trail

Sharing the Trail with Pedestrians

Sharing the Trail with Equestrians

Sharing the Trail with Dogs (and their People)

Parkland Rules

Please know and observe the District's parkland rules that apply to your situation.

March 2014

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