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Request for Volunteer Event Assistance

The Volunteer Trail Safety Patrol can be asked to supply volunteer staffing for events operated by East Bay Regional Park District employees, and also for public events operated by others on East Bay Regional Park District trails or parklands under permit from the District.

Patrol members can provide vehicle traffic control and parking lot management (on District roadways only), provide information to attendees, patrol trails or monitor checkpoints, aid stations, or other fixed locations during the event to enhance participant safety, and perform various other services. They can bring and use Family Radio Service two-way radios. Many have District two-way radios and can therefore assist in reporting and facilitating professional responses to emergencies or other incidents. Some are also amateur ("ham") radio operators with their own handheld, mobile, or portable equipment.

No fee is charged for this service.

VTSP members are volunteers and are asked to participate in events as they are able, indicating their availability for specific events by signing up in advance. Neither the Volunteer Trail Safety Patrol nor the East Bay Regional Park District can guarantee the availability of volunteers.

Please complete and submit our online Event Assistance Request form.

New! If we supported this event, or a similar one, last year, we may have a pre-filled request form that you can use. It may make this task much simpler!

March 2010

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