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Volunteer Mounted Patrol

Members of the Volunteer Mounted Patrol (VMP), one of five patrol groups in the Volunteer Trail Safety Patrol of the East Bay Regional Park District, patrol District trails on horseback. VMP members meet other District visitors, provide education and safety advice, and encourage them to follow District rules. In their patrol activities, VMP members help to:

The Volunteer Mounted Patrol has been supporting the East Bay Regional Park District since 1979. Like all Volunteer Trail Safety Patrol members, we carry District volunteer photo ID cards.

To qualify to join the Volunteer Mounted Patrol, you must be an experienced trail rider with access to a horse that you can ride for a minimum of 60 hours per year in the District. You will be expected to attend at least ten of our twelve monthly membership meetings each year, on the second Monday evening of each month, at District headquarters in Oakland.

You and your horse must also pass a rigorous certification test, administered by a mounted District Police officer. You will be tested on your skills and your horse will be evaluated for training and temperament. The horse must be able to tolerate a variety of potentially frightening experiences. Anything that the mounted patroller may encounter in a park -- from children waving balloons in the horse's face to charging off-leash dogs -- must not cause the horse to do anything dangerous. You will be required to transport your horse to your initial certification and to annual re-certification rides thereafter.

If you are interested, please request more information by completing the online form. Our Volunteer Coordinator and the Volunteer Mounted Patrol's membership coordinator will each contact you.

March 2014

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